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Would you like to offer Backup Island service to your clients and get paid for it?

By becoming a Backup Island affiliate, you can start making money from the huge backup market
by offering Backup Island service to home users, small, and medium size businesses.

Affiliate Program Highlights

• Up to 25% off our backup plans
• Keep your client's data protected
• Unlimited Backup Island Level II Technical Support

Recurring income grows like a snowball

As a Backup Island affiliate you receive up to 25% off any of our backup plans. Just by signing up a few customers each month you can easily start making thousands of dollars each year in recurring income.

The wave of backup is coming

Performing a "correct" backup that is restorable when needed, though looks to be simple, is error prone and has never been easy until Backup Island became available. With sales contracts, accounting records, marketing materials, business contacts and emails all being stored in digital format nowadays, it has become increasingly important for all business organizations to back up their business data, because, in the event of hardware failure, restoring data from backup is a much cheaper operation than rebuilding business data from scratch. Are your customers prepared for the worst?

Minimal sales effort required

An increasing number of countries around the world are imposing new laws enforcing compulsory backup of all business data in all business organizations as a mechanism to fight against commercial crimes and frauds. Backing up business data will soon become a necessity to stay in business. Among all backup methods available today, offsite remote backup turns out to be the safest, cheapest and easiest backup solution. With Backup Island widely accepted as being the best of its class, the sales effort required is minimal.

Become Backup Island affiliate and start making money today!

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